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Introduction of JavaScript

JavaScript is an open-source programming language designed for creating dynamic web application.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting technology that executes on the browser. It turns static HTML web pages into interactive web pages by dynamically updating content, validating from data, controlling multimedia, animate images.

  • JS can change HTML content.
  • JS can change HTML style.
  • JS can change HTML attribute values.
  • JS can hide HTML elements.
  • JS can show HTML elements.
  • Developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape
  • First appeared December 4 1995
  • Stable release ECMAScript 2021 June 2021
  • Preview release ECMAScript 2022 22 July 2021

JavaScript Engine

JavaScript engine interprets, compiles and executes JavaScript code. It also does memory management, JIT compliation, type system etc.

Different browsers use different JavaScript engines, as listed below.

Browser Engine
Edge Chromium with Blink and V8 engines
Chrome V8
FireFox SpiderMonkey
Safari Nitro

Web Browsers

Mostly, you will have a browser already installed on your PC, Microsoft Edge on the windows platform, and Safari on Mac OS.

You can also install the following browser as per your preferences

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

HTML <script> tag

The HTML script tag is used to embed data or executable client side scripting language in an HTML page.