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Introduction of C-programming

C is a programming language. C is one of the oldest language.

What is C-programming?

C is a programming language. C is one of the oldest language.

C-programming was developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T's Bell Labs, USA in 1972.

Uses of C-programming

C language is used to program a wide variety of systems, some of the uses of c are as follows

  • C-programming is used to write driver programs for devices like tablets, printers etc.
  • C-programming is used to develop games.
  • C-programming is used to program embedded systems where programs needs to run faster in limited memory(microwave, cameras etc).
  • Major parts of linux and other operating systems are written in C-programming.

What is Variables?

A variable is a container which stores a value. It is name of memory location, which is used to store value.
int x=2;
float y=3.5;
char letter='s';
char name[20]="Soopro Pathshala";

Rules for naming variables in c programming.

  • First character must be an alphabet or underscore(_).
  • No commas, blanks allowed.
  • Variables names are case sensitive. We must crate meaningful variables name in our programs.
  • No special symbol other that (_) allowed.


Keywords are reserved words, whose meaning is already known to the compiler. There are 32 keywords available in c.

auto double struct int
case return enum typedef
break long else switch
char register extern union
const short float unsigned
continue signed for void
default sizeof goto volatile
do static if while

Key Points

  • printf() function in c is used to print some information or value.
  • scanf() function in c is used to accept user input.


comments are used to clarify something about the program in plain languagqe.

There are two types of comments in C-programming.

  • Single line comment.
  • Multi line comment.

C-programming rules

There are some rules which are applicable to all the C-programming.

  • Every program's execution starts from main() function
  • C-programming is case sensitive language.
  • All the statements are terminated with a semicolon.
  • Instructions are executed in the same order in which they are written.